Two Parrots Perch & Grill


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Two Parrots Perch & Grill

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Two Parrots Perch & Grill

A laid-back pub-style restaurant serving Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. Our Burgers are second to none. Great Nacho platters for sharing while catching the Canucks or watching the PPV UFC events. We open at 7am for breakfast and the suds start flowing at noon until 2am when we close.

Hours Today, Wednesday: 7AM - 2AM
  • Tacos & Beer...we'll be back next year
  • Seriously, what was I thinking????
  • Don't make me laugh...
Daily Features
Sunday Burgers & Beer -
Relax on Sunday afternoon and enjoy a Great Parrot Burger with Your Choice of Granville Island's Honey Lager or Winter Ale. Choice of Beef, Grilled Chicken Breast or Veggie Patty...Only $9.95
$9.95Special of the day on Sunday
Taco Tuesdays -
Every Tuesday after 6pm we have Beef Tacos for 99cents each. Choice of hard or soft shell. What better way to enjoy tacos but with $4.50 bottles of Sol and $3.50 shots of Sauza Mango or Acai Berry Tequilas. `Ole!!!
99cents eachSpecial of the day on Tuesday
Wednesday Ribs & Beer -
Come down on Wednesdays for a Pound of Button Ribs tossed in Rock Salt & Cracked Pepper or Teriyaki Sauce. Accompany it with Granville Island's Honey Lager or Winter Ale for just $9.95
$9.95Special of the day on Wednesday
Thursday Wing Night -
Chicken Wings for 35cent each. Try em all...Hot, Honey-Garlic, Cajun, Suicide, Teriyaki, Jamaican Jerk, Salt 'n' Peppa, Lemon-Pepper Rub, Sweet Chili Thai or just Plain with Ranch for Dipping
35 cents eachSpecial of the day on Thursday
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